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Kal Nidre for Kippur
Zemirot for Kippur
Shacharit for kippur
Musaph for Kippur
Mincha for Kippur
Ne’ila for Kippur
We do not have the minhag of kneeling at all, not on Rosh Hashana, nor on Kippur.
Pizmon אחות קטנה for Rosh Hashana evening: recording & text. The chazzan repeats words תכלה שנה וקללותיה after the first and last verse the. After the other verses he repeats only וקללותיה. The chazzan repeats the complete the (last) verse חזקו, flowing over into the kaddish. A Dutch transliterated text, made by NRP, to practice can be obtained by sending a mail to info@ of this website.
Errata to tefillot Kippur, reprint 1995
About "lach" vs "lecha"
Mizmor Ledavid for the eve of Kipur
Hashcavot for Kippur at Kal Nidre (downloadable pdf version)
Pizmon Keel Nora (start of Ne'ilah). recording NN  and recording SRP
Tehilat (start of Ne'ilah) recording SRP
Recordings NN Rosh Hashana: tape 24, 25 & 26
Recordings NN Kippur: tape 28 - 34
Recordings SAV Rosh Hashana
Shofar blowing on Rosh Hashana: The שברים-תרועה tone during the תקיעות דמיושב is blown as one tone, all other שברים-תרועה tones are blown with a short break. During the תקיעות דמיושב we are actually sitting. After the blowing in the kadish (before תענו) a תרועה גדולה is blown.
Before the war this was the end of the blowing, total 71 tones. 30 more tones were blown outside the synagogue for those who were interested. After the war, Haham Pereira (SRP) decided to blow these in the synagogue, after אדון עולם, so now we blow in total 101 tones.
Recordings SAV Kol Nidre
Recording JBS end of ne'ila and the shofar blowing (first part of recording, second part is for hoshangana rabba). 
Hatrat nedarim (source unknown)
From Rosh Hashana till after Yom Kippur and on hoshan'ana rabba, all ornaments of- an around the sepher tora are made from white cloth. The rimonim (tora finials) are filigree because of the white appearance. The yad (pontero, ponter) is made from ivory. 
The 4 big candles on the corners of the teba are lit after mincha before Kippur by the chazzanim. The thick candles in front of the heichal are lit by the remaining chazzanim, supplemented by kohanim and other members.
Selichot on workdays from 2nd Elul till Kippur (Arameic parts are recited even if there is no minjan):
in the evening, tefillot pages 106-109 (recording AAV).
Bakashot before morning selichot part 1, Tefillot page 1; Rosh Hashana book (recording AAV), part 2 (live recoding DZB)
in the morning part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4, Rosh ashana book, 2-22  (recording AAV
During the Yeme Teshuva, the shofar is blown during the 13 midot shofar blowing (second part of recording)

Shofar-Eli.jpeg (138226 bytes)
Traditionally, we used big shofarot.
Since in the1970's the tokea started buying shofarot in Israel, this special shape was abandoned for practical reasons.


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