Contributors & sources to this site (in alphabetic order):

M.H. Gans, Memorboek ז"ל (MHG)
S. Nunes Nabarro  ז"ל, Chazzan  ז"ל (NN) 1920-1994. sample voice
Chacham dr. Salomon Aron Rodrigues Pereira  ז"ל (SRP) 1887-1969. sample voice
dr. M. Rodrigues Pereira ז"ל (MRP), 1920-2001, son of the Chacham. sample voice
Hochmát Shelomóh, ISBN 0-933676-37-9, including a cassette with recordings, published by written  permission of Mrs. T. Rodrigues Pereira.
Rabbi H. Rodrigues Pereira (HRP), nephew of the Chacham. 
L. Alvares Vega ז"ל (LAV) 1904-1989,  he was the guardian of the cemetery in the years 1937-1986 and manger of the community for many years. sample voice
S. Alvares Vega ז"ל (SAV) 1926-2008, he was a nephew of LAV and a cousin of AAV. Immigrated to Israel in 1950. sample voice
dr. A. Alvares Vega ז"ל (AAV) 1938-2017, son of L. Alvares Vega. sample voice
Seder Hazanoet (SH) O. Brandon ז"ל,1892, as published by dr. J. Meijer.
ir J.B. Sondervan (JBS), the owner of this site. sample voice
N.B.D. Sondervan (NBS), son of JBS. sample voice
S. Vaz Dias (SVD). sample voice
prof. H Prins Salomon (HPS), Het Portugees in de Esnoga van Amsterdam, ISBN 90-90-14075-1 and private correspondence.
drs. Daniel Zecharja Baruch (DZB). sample voice
S. Behar ז"ל (Behar). sample voice
A. Lopes Cardozo (BC) ז"ל 1914-2006 chazzan in Amsterdam, Paramaribo 1937-1945 & New York as of 1945.
N. Rodrigues Pereira (NRP), grandson of HRP's brother. Chazzan from 2013 till 2015. sample voice
D. Nunes Nabarro (DNN), son of chazzan NN. sample voice
ing. D. Cohen Paraira (DCP), cousin of JBS.

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