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Limud - Lezing
Limud (Lezing). A Limud is a learning gathering, preferably having a minjan, which can be organized at various occasions

            Private or life-cycle related:

    The evening before a Berit Mila,

    On the evening of the 13th birthday of a Bar Mitswa boy,

    On the evening of the 12th birthday of a Bat Mitswa girl,

    The evening before a Chupa,

    Chanukat habayit, within 30 days of the dedication of a new home,

    The evening of a special birthday of a male (e.g. 60, 70 or 80),

    Meldadura on the yearly remembrance date of the death of a person (the “Yahrtzeit”).

·         Communal, or calendar related:

    The night of Hosha’ana Rabba,

    The night of 15Shevat,

    The night of 7th day Pesach,

    The first night of Shavuot.


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