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5 Iyar (Yom ha'Atzmaut) and 28 Iyar (Yom Yerushalyim)

Techinot are omitted.
Full Halel is recited with beracha, see annotated version Seder hazzanut page 180:

Seder_hazzanut-180.jpg (2938155 bytes)


Lighting of the Chanukia (NN) and SRP
Hanerot halalu by Chazzan Duque, c.a. 1938
Recording by SRP ca 1960 (minute 12.12" of CD 1 - Tr 3)

Chazzan Duque esnoga Amsterdam .jpg (69182 bytes)Chazzan Simon van (son of) David Duque was named to his post  after a heated election in 1923. He had a beautiful, forceful and musical voice which perfectly fitted the large esnoga. He was born in Amsterdam on 14 March 1897 and died in Dachau, Germany, on 19 January 1945. 

More on Chazzan Duque can be found elsewhere on this site.


We do not have the minhag of "machatsit hashekel".
It is our custom to start reading the Megillah some 20 minutes before tzeit hakochavim, so that the chazzan reads the first words of chapter 6 (בלילה ההוא) at night. The reason is probably to avoid lengthening the fast more then necessary. Of course, this is not the the case when the Megillah is read on motzei Shabbat.
We do not have the minhag of machatsit hashekel on erev Purim.
Mincha ta'anit Esther
Arvit for Purim
Megillaht Esther (Complete recording, 9.4MB), berachot before the reading, and after the reading. 
Some verses are sung by the congregation first, see end of page.
It is our custom not to make any noises when reading the name "Haman".
Songs for Purim: song 1, song 2


15 Shevat

The night of 15 Shevat we have the minhag to organize a Limud.


Recordings: NN.


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