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See also the Lighting page.
The chanukia is light during "hanerot halalu", such that the lighting finishes together with the singing. Thus, the first days one should light slowly, the last days one should sing slowly.
As the shamash cannot be detached from the chanukia, this is done with a candle. The shamash itself is lit after "hanerot halalu".
Shacharit for Chanuka.
Arvit for Chanuka: see Arvit page and  arvit table
The chanukia is also burning during shacharit.
The chanukia hangs on the doors in the south wall of the Snoge, or on the seperation fence of the small Snoge (picture 1 and picture 2)
Lighting of the Chanukia 
Recording NN and SRP 1960's
Recording Vingerling based on music notation Lopes Cardozo 1960s
Recording Isaac Gomes de Mesquita: Berachot & Hanerot, 1975
Recording Chazzan Duque Hanerot halalu approx 1938

Chazzan Duque esnoga Amsterdam .jpg (69182 bytes)Chazzan Simon van (son of) David Duque was named to his post  after a heated election in 1923. He had a beautiful, forceful and musical voice which perfectly fitted the large esnoga. He was born in Amsterdam on 14 March 1897 and died in Dachau, Germany, on 19 January 1945. 

More on Chazzan Duque can be found elsewhere on this site.




15 Shevat

The night of 15 Shevat we have the minhag to organize a Limud.



On Shabbat Zachor (Shabbat before Purim) we sing Mi Chamocha (מי כמוך) on page 174 in the green tefillot.
We have evidence in the ceremonies book from about 1810 (page 11, Purim) and an article from 1925, both Dutch, that "machatsit hashekel" was automatically added to the fintas (bi-annual membership) which was paid around Rosh Chodesh Nissan. This mitswa (obligation) thus was kind of hidden from the members. Somewhere it got lost (we now pay membership in January). The common statement that "We do not have the minhag of "machatsit hashekel" is thus incorrect. Now that it isn't done centrally, the obligation returns to the individual. An article on this (in Dutch).
Tassa-DCP.jpg (366360 bytes)
Tassa, to be used for collecting "machatsit hashekel", picture: DCP. Mind that three tassas are used on each Public Fast for collection during Mincha.
It is our custom to start reading the Megillah some 20 minutes before tzeit hakochavim, so that the chazzan reads the first words of chapter 6 (בלילה ההוא) at nightfall. The reason is probably to avoid lengthening the fast more then necessary (*). Of course, this is not the the case when the Megillah is read on motzei Shabbat.
Mincha ta'anit Esther
Arvit for Purim
Shacharit for Purim
Megillat Esther (Complete recording, 9.4MB), berachot before the reading, and after the reading. 
Megillat Esther, live recording in the Esnoga on Purim 5781-202 audio recording (full) and Video clip.
Megilat Esther, full recording ARP
Some verses are sung by the congregation first, see end of page.
It is our custom not to make any noises when reading the name "Haman".
Songs for Purim: song 1, song 2

(*) See בית יוסף או"ח תרפ"ז
"... נהגו לקרותה מבעוד יום ליל ארבעה עשר כדי להקל על האנושים והמעוברות שלא להתענות יותר מדאי"


5 Iyar (Yom ha'Atzmaut) and 28 Iyar (Yom Yerushalyim)

Techinot are omitted.
Full Halel is recited with beracha, see annotated version Seder hazzanut page 180:
Seder_hazzanut-180.jpg (2938155 bytes)
Yom ha'Atzmaut (יום העצמאות)  is celebrated on Shabbat following 5 Iyar. Hanoteen (page 69) and both mi sheberachs (page 226-227) are read as usual, but leaving out the words מדינת ישראל ויגדיל שם התורה ויאדירה וגם and skipping מי שברך לחיילי צה"ל.
Once the Sefer Torah is brought back to the Hechal, the Parnaas opens the hechal and returns to his place. Psalms 117 & 118 (pages 157-158) are sung without repetition. The Chazzan reads אבינו שבשמים (text taken from last page Kippur prayer book), followed by מי שברך לחייל צה"ל (page 233). Finally psalm 67 (page 101) is sung. The Parnaas closes the hechal, returns to his place and the service is continued as usual.



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