Public Fast
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Public fast

On this page we will describe all public fasts except Yom Hakippurim, which belongs to the High Festivals

Public fast (excl 9 Av)
At Mincha we put on tefillin, see  טור או"ח סימן מ"ו בית יוסף ד"ה דתניא
Parasa for Public fast: ויחל משה as usual.
Both at Shacharit and Mincha "ויעביר" till "ונקה" is read in the high melody (see SH page 182 left, last paragraph). 
At Mincha the Chacham/Rabbi is called as 3rd. He himself reads  "ויעביר" till "ונקה"  in the high melody. If the Chacham/Rabbi is not present, the 3rd is read entirely by the Chazzan.
There is no haftara at Mincha.
Fast of 9 Av:
evening service (ערבית)
morning service (שחרית)
afternoon service (מנחה)
On the evening of 9 Av and in morning the copper candlesticks of the tebah and the heichal are removed, and if not possible, covered with black covers.
On the evening of 9 Av candles are only lit on the benches, and only where congregants are sitting.
On the evening of 9 Av and in morning we are not sitting on the floor, we change places. Only the chazzanim sit on a  low bench on the tebah.

Pictures 9 Av:
only one door open, only candles where people are sitting, chazzanim on low bech
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Black ornaments;
candlesticks on tebah, tora cover & pontairo (Yad), parochet
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