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Public fast

On this page we will describe all public fasts except Yom Hakippurim, which belongs to the High Festivals

Public fast (excl 9 Av)
At Mincha we put on tefillin, see  טור או"ח סימן מ"ו בית יוסף ד"ה דתניא
Parasa for Public fast: ויחל משה as usual.
Both at Shacharit and Mincha "ויעביר" till "ונקה" is read in the high melody (see SH page 182 left, last paragraph). 
At Mincha the Chacham/Rabbi is called as 3rd. He himself reads  "ויעביר" till "ונקה"  in the high melody. If the Chacham/Rabbi is not present, the 3rd is read entirely by the Chazzan.
There is no haftara at Mincha.
Fast of 9 Av:
evening service (ערבית)
morning service (שחרית)
afternoon service (מנחה)
On the evening of 9 Av and in morning the copper candlesticks of the tebah and the heichal are removed, and if not possible, covered with black covers.
On the evening of 9 Av candles are only lit on the benches, and only where congregants are sitting.
On the evening of 9 Av and in morning we are not sitting on the floor, we change places. Only the chazzanim sit on a  low bench on the tebah.
Comment: Our old sources (Menasse ben Israel - 1645 and the ta'aniyot books - 1725 & 1858 page 83) write that we sit on the floor (יושבים לארץ). Keter Shem Tob (Gaguine, about 1930th) writes in part 5 on page 36 that in most kehilot (congregations) congregants sit on the floor, but in London and Amsterdam congregants are sitting on the benches, yet they change their places. This is indeed what do today. As a source for both minhagim Gaguine refers to Masechet Sofrim 18-7 (8th century) which states that congregants either change their place as avelim (mourners) do in the second week of mourning, or sit low, as avelim do the first week of mourning. When and why the our minhag was changed is unknown at this moment.
Fast of eve of Rosh Chodesh (Mishmara, also called Yom Kippur Katan - יום כפור קטן): Mincha.

Pictures 9 Av:
only one door open, only candles where people are sitting, chazzanim on low bech
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Black ornaments;
candlesticks on tebah, tora cover & pontairo (Yad), parochet
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