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Sheet music

For non professional chazzanim the recordings on this site are very useful. For professionals however, sheet music is more important. We will try to collect and publish what we have. 


Emanuel Aguilar
Santo Servicio

 Emanuel Aguilar

Sheets music written by Emanuel Aguilar in 1857, based on 70 melodies he heard from David Aaron de Sola. Recordings will follow. Mind this collection contains many "standard' melodies, in contrast to the Santo books, which contain mainly big compositions. According to the note attached to the first page (see picture) chazzan de Sola moved to London in 1818, so this collection of music is much older. 
It will be interesting to compare this sheet music to what we sing today, mainly based on the recordings made by hazzan Nunes Nabarro in the 1960's, which can be found elsewhere on this site.

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pages 1-13       nrs 1-13
pages 14-25     nrs 14-26
pages 26-37     nrs 27-39
pages 38-49     nrs 40-54
pages 50-61     nrs 55-70

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Santo Servicio

There is a big collection of sheet music in the Ets Haim library, usually referred to as the "Santo books", as most were written for the t he Santo Sevicio choir, which started in 1886. This collection will be published in the future. For now we publish the part which constitutes repertoire of the Santo Sevicio choir today. More will follow later.



Baruch Haba (psalm 118) recording
Baruch Haba
Chupa responses
Shir Hama'alot (psalm 128) recording
Adon Olam recording
Adon Olam de Sola, recording
Adon Olam
Halel - Helelu (psalm 117)
Halel - Hodu (psalm 118) recording
Halel - Odecha (psalm 118)
Halel - Ana (psalm 118)
Halel - Ana
Ein Kelokenu recording
Ein Kelokenu
Cohanecha recording
Gadelu recording
Hanoteen teshu'ah
Jimloch recording
Mizmor leDavid havu (psalm 29) recording
Sjoeva lim'onach recording
Oeba letsion
Mizmor letoda (psalm 100) recording
Chishki chizki Song composed to celebrate the inauguration of the Snoge in 1675. 
Lamenatseach (psalm 67)
Heleloeka (psalm 150)
Shir hama'alot leDavid (psalm 122)
Uba letzion Emile Jonas
Hallelu keel bekoגsho (psalm 150)

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