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Dr. M Rodrigues Pereira (MRP) ז"ל wrote in his introduction to Hochmát Shelomó that "The compilation of this guide ... has been undertaken because of my personal observation that the oral tradition ... according to minhag of the Western Sephardeem is in danger of getting lost". I couldn't express my reasons to undertaking building this site in a better way. What is true for the Western Sephardim in general is even more true for the Dutch Sephardim, a community which was heavily diminished by the Hashoah and is struggling to survive.

Seder Chazzanut describes the unique nusach of the Amsterdam Portuguese community, as used in the Esnoga. Up till 1950, various hand-written booklets existed, written by chazzanim and shamashim for their own use. One such manuscript, written by O. Brandon in 1892, was printed around 1950 in a limited edition and photocopies of it are used today as our main source for the minhag. That Seder hazzanut from O. Brandon is therefore also the basis of this website.

This site aims to bring together in an extensive, and hopefully complete way, the “what and when” from the old manuscripts, with the “how” from many recordings, in a multi-media way.

The first pages of this site found their origin in a demonstration of the possibilities and were written in Dutch. To open our unique nusach to a wider audience, it was decided to publish the site in English. Most Dutch pages have been replaced by now with English versions.

Jacob (Jaap) B. Sondervan
יעקב בנימין בן הח' אורי הכהן ורבקה חנה הכהנת פריירה


Recently added:

Titles as used for Hascavot
List of all used Tefillot (prayer books)
Three recordings made by Shimon Alvares Vega (SAV): Rosh Hashana, Kol Nidre, parasa & haftara & kidush for Shabbat.
Hochmát Shelomóh, ISBN 0-933676-37-9, published by written  permission of Mrs. T. Rodrigues Pereira.
Hashcavot (memorial prayer)
Inauguration of a Sepher Torah
Arvit Purim & update small festivals
Public fast and  Mincha for public fast
English versions of Mincha & Arviet for Friday night

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Contributors to this site

Rene Samson, DZB & NRP composed an Andoid Tefilot app for working days which can be installed from the Play Store (recommended) or directly from the website.

Disclaimer: The content on this site is based on many sources and verified as much as possible. It has no formal halachic status. In case of doubt, please contact the rabbinate of the Amsterdam Portuguese Community.

  Jacob (Jaap) B. Sondervan.
יעקב בנימין בן אורי הכהן ורבקה חנה הכהנת פריירה

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