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UpSome pieces for Arvit on Jom Tov.
Ele Mongade (gemeente & herhaling Hazan)
Mizmor Ledavid

The Pesach Hagada. Some remarks:

We use three Hagada (Seder) plates, see Dutch text on page 2. The first plate is used for the "Simoeriem", the three matzoth shemuroth. The second plate is used for the carpas, the salt water or the vinegar, the lattice, the maror and the charoset. The third plate is used for the boiled egg and the roasted bone, which must have cezait meat on it. A serviette is used to cover the matzoth when the cups are lifted, or a beracha is recited on the wine.
Older versions of the Hagada end on page 20 after the blessing on the 4th cup. The songs were added later, but not introduced in all families.


Parasa for the Chatan Tora (after the chazzan reads up to "Al bamotemo tidroch" to six people, the Chatan repeats form "Vezot heberacha" and reads himself the whole parasha.) 
Parasa for the Chatan Bereshit.


Erub Chatzerot (source unknown). The Erub chatzerot is renewed by the rabbinate before Pesach.


On the first six days of sukkot we have the minhag to decorate the lulavim  with colorful bows, as can be seen on the picture. The bows are removed before Hasha'ana Rabba.(picture; DCP)
loelap 005.jpg (2101324 bytes) Lulaw-bow.JPG (5097660 bytes) Lulaw-Picard (1).JPG (4475019 bytes)
On the lulav        Unfolded            By Picard (1673-1773)
On Hosha'ana Rabba the shofar is blown during the 13 midot shofar blowing end of recording)

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