Our prayer books

The list shows all tefillot (prayer books) in use at our community.

תפלת כל פה Ricardo 1950, reprint 1993 Groene tefillot.JPG (43516 bytes)
סדר לראש השנה Mulder 1870, reprint 1995 wpeC.gif (12659 bytes)
סדר ליום כפור Mulder 1876, reprint 1995

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סדר המועדים Mulder 1864, reprint 1995 wpe8.gif (14414 bytes)
סדר תעניות Mulder 1858, reprint 1995 wpe1.gif (11175 bytes)
ספר חיים לנפש Rosenberg 1989
According  to Ashkenazi and Portuguese nusach (custom)

ISBN 90-9002721-1

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מנחת דותר Mincha for all days, including vidui for chatan & callaI and chupa,  2015

ISBN 9789082152715

Complete download mind that left an right are mirrored compared to the original book
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חמשה חומשי תורה ותפילות לשבת Koren Amsterdam Shabbat Humash,
2017, ISBN 978-96-530181-7-4.
The humash is the normal Koren humash, but the division intro parashiot (portions) is changed to match our traditional division, according to Piza. The Shabbat prayers are according to the Amsterdam Sephardi nusach (rites). 

Download mincha Friday
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Tefilot App for Android, including daily prayers (workdays only)

Can be installed from the Play Store (recommended) or directly from the website.

Piza chumash
חומש עזרת הסופר
ע"י יהודה פיזא
The humash, published by Jehuda Piza, printed in Amsterdam by Gerard Johan Janson in 1769 by, is our "golden standard" with  respect nikud (punctuation), neginot, (cantillation) and division of parshiot (portions). It also includes  the haftarot. See also Hochmát Shelomóh on page 31.
Unfortunately there are very few sets of the Piza chumash around. 

The quality of this humash is well known. Rabbi Dr. Dov Bear  wrote in his preface of to תקון הסופר יהקורא Rodelheim 1886, 
החומש ההוא אשר ר"י פיזא יעדו לעזרת הסופר ואשר ר"וו היידנהיים שב להדפיסן... נקי הוא מפסולת הטעיות
"That humash, printed by rabbi Piza ... and reprinted by rabbi Heidenheim (1818), is clean from errors".
The layout of the book is very special. It is printed such that a sofeer can use it to write a sepher Tora with 42 lines per column, each column staring with the letter "wav". The printed book has 21 lines on each page, the right side of the page has the first 21 lines of the column, the facing left side has the 21 bottom lines.
Recently, the Ets Haim library provided us with a full scan, which can be downloaded. 

The first five books of the list can be ordered from the Amsterdam Portuguese Community.


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